With so many decisions to make for your wedding day, the music selection and entertainment is often one that gets pushed off until late in the game, which can cause additional stress when you’re trying to make a decision. Give yourself time to research and evaluate your options.

Here are 4 tips for choosing a wedding band:

Decide What You Want in a Band.

There are bands of all shapes and sizes to fit a variety budgets. Are you looking for a party band that plays a variety of styles? Or a salsa band, country band, etc. that sticks to one particular type of music.

Another aspect to think through is what kind of music you want at different stages of the evening. Are you looking for light jazz during your cocktail hour, relaxing music at dinner, a rocking dance party at the reception? Or a variety of music throughout the evening? Once you are clear on what you envision for different stages of your reception, this will help you choose a band that fits your needs.

Consider Your Wedding Venue When Interviewing Potential Bands.

Is your reception at a residence or hotel? If you’re in a house, do you have a large room or backyard for a band?  Are there adequate power sources readily available and in close proximity to the location of the band?  Are there noise restrictions in your venue?

If you have a band that you’re considering, request stage dimensions from your venue or request your band to check out the space for the reception and see if it will work for their equipment, some band may have additional needs and may require an additional fee.

Can They Play the Music That Is Important to You?

Some bands have set lists that are set in stone, others allow you to choose what songs you like or dislike in their set list. Find out if the band you are considering will allow you to make music selections. Furthermore, will your band be able to alter their song selections “on-the-fly” to accommodate the type of music your guests are responding to in order to keep them on the dance floor. Very few bands are able or willing to do this, with the exception of the most experienced, highly-skilled and most accommodating music  professionals.

Many bands will learn songs that are important to you for your special day. If performing the song requires crafting an arrangement for the band, ask if there is a fee for that. Some bands will charge for it, others not.

For the couple’s first dance (or other special dances) many couples prefer the original song be played via MP3 device. Check to make sure your band has the proper equipment and is willing to provide music they don’t perform live via an MP3 device or live DJ during the band’s downtime (cocktail/dinner hour, band breaks, special dances).

Will They Be Master of Ceremonies for the Evening?

This is a very important question that many people don’t think to ask.  Many bands will be master of ceremonies for the evening, with introductions, etc. but there are some that do not offer that service. Confirm with your band ahead of time that they will be doing the announcements and acting as master of ceremonies for the reception.

Once you narrow your list down to a couple of potential bands, make sure you see video, read reviews and if possible, see a live performance. These tips and watching the band perform live (or on video) will help you decide on the band that is best for you.

If you’re looking for a wedding band, Libido Funk Circus is an established wedding band with over 20 years of delighting brides, grooms and their guests. Contact Desiree at 312-520-3613 or Info@LFCEntertainment.com for a complimentary wedding band consultation.

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