Libido Funk Circus Reviews

You could have easily charged more!

Tom Morrow, Wedding Client

"Every single guest at our wedding was asking where we found you. You are all SO tight. We were just blown away and had the best time ourselves. You are WAY better than the big band or Sinatra type groups. The sound is fresh, and so tight and the harmonies are amazing! Also, and I hate to say this, you could have easily charged more!"

It was the best party I have ever attended!

Larry Shaeffer, President of Prairie Partners

"I became an avid fan the very first time I heard them play and since then I have seen them perform in many different venues, to a wide variety of audiences. They are always a big hit, providing great entertainment with a lot of energy and exceptional musical ability. I had been looking for an excuse to hire them for a while and the opportunity recently came along when I retired from teaching and threw myself a huge party. It was the best party I have ever attended, and I got rave reviews from everyone!"

We always have a positive response!

Dean Jabaay, Owner of Jabaay's Outdoor Creations

"We always have a positive response from our audience when they play at our fundraiser!"

I have actually hired them to headline the party for 10 straight years in a row!

Ari Golan, Owner of Golan Productions/Atomic Imaging

"I own a large video production company in Chicago and every year I host a gigantic Halloween party for several thousand friends and business associates. This band gets such a fantastic response from my guests that I have actually hired them to headline the party for 10 straight years in a row!"

It is so obvious you enjoy what you do!

Joe Aldeguer and Jill Moore, Presidents of The Mortgage Exchange

"It is so obvious you enjoy what you do and that's what makes it so much fun!"

You were the hit of the wedding!

Jessica Anderson, Wedding Client

"Bands that cost three times as much money don't have your tightness, coolness or understanding of what songs people want to hear. You were the hit of the wedding and you made the reception better than we ever could have imagined. Professional and jamming!"

I honestly just can't recommend them enough!

Greg Wittstock, President of Aquascape Designs, Inc.

"I own Aquascapes Designs, Inc. and I have hired these guys to perform at several of our corporate parties and I could not have been more pleased with them. I throw a very important annual event each summer for not only my employees, but for hundreds of contractors, wholesalers and customers from around the country. Having a flawless evening is crucial to the success of my business for the upcoming year, and they are always the perfect band for that event! I have already hired them again for this year's event... I honestly just can't recommend them enough!"

I could have kept dancing and dancing!

Mary Roemer, Private Party Client

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you... for the most WONDERFUL 40th birthday! I could have kept dancing and dancing... you guys are an AWESOME band!"
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