Libido Funk Circus FAQ's

I would love to book Libido Funk Circus for a private event! How far in advance can I reserve a date?

This is a good question! Libido Funk Circus reserves dates for private events just like any other show...up to 18 months in advance.

Your songlist is quite many songs can I pick for my event?

This is a very common question. On average, LFC plays about 15 songs per hour of performance time.

Are there any more promotional materials that aren't on your website that I can obtain?

Yet another good question! We're so glad you're so smart! You can get a copy of our beautiful printed brochure by contacting Jeff Harris at (630) 294-7123 or

I am a coordinator for a venue, how do I obtain a stage plot or any other tech specs?

We're so glad you asked that! It's a relief to know that our clients are considerate enough to take the time to make sure we're properly handled. Please visit our Tech page or contact Jeff Harris at (630) 294-7123 or

I would like to see Libido Funk Circus play live to be sure they're the perfect band for my upcoming event. Where can I find out when and where the band is playing next?

Simply visit our Shows page which has a list of dates and locations.

For more information, please contact Jeff Harris at or (630) 294-7132.

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