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The Ultimate Band for Your Next Event!

It's no secret that great entertainment is one of the most crucial elements of any successful event. Having performed hundreds of weddings and private affairs over the past 12+ years, no one understands this more than Libido Funk Circus. The band consists of reliable and professional musicians who have performed together at countless weddings and private events throughout the Midwest. We arrive early, tastefully dressed and are extremely easy to work with. Most importantly, we will work out every detail of the night's events with our clients well in advance. By the time the special day arrives, it will be one less thing you need to worry about!

Libido Funk Circus provides a tailor-made show to each and every client. We give our clients the opportunity to select anywhere from a few songs to the entire night's worth of music from our extensive and continually expanding song list. Our clients can also determine which style of dress they prefer the band to wear for the evening... 1970's disco costumes, 1980's costumes, over-the-top rock star/party band outfits, or traditional formal attire.

Please see below for a detailed list of standard services we provide that are included in the cost of Libido Funk Circus:

  • We can professionally and tastefully emcee your event, if needed. For weddings, we can act as emcee during your reception by providing any announcements and introductions of the bridal party and/or speeches. For private events we are happy to act as emcee, as well, given the proper information in a timely manner prior to the event.
  • We can also supply up a microphone for clients who choose to make their own speeches and announcements that may occur throughout the evening.
  • We can provide the use of our CD/MP3 player and a sound system for pre-recorded music during the cocktail and dinner hours, as well as band breaks, which completely eliminates the need, and cost, for a separate DJ. We will be happy to provide the cocktail/dinner/break music via our vast selection in our pre-loaded iPod, or we can play music from an iPod or CD that our clients provide us.
  • We always provide a professional-quality sound and lighting system for your event.

Other Services:

  • We can also supply a small speaker system if music is needed during your wedding ceremony (provided it is in the same building and in close proximity to the reception), for an additional fee agreed upon prior to the commencement of the engagement date.

If you are looking for something other than an average, ordinary band, look no further. Libido Funk Circus' impeccable musicianship and commanding stage presence will set an electrifying pace for your event. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the band that party-goers rave about well after the event is over!

For more information, please contact Jeff Harris at or (630) 294-7132.

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